Do you want to connect with the natural world in a tangible way?  Would you feel satisfied to reduce waste and honor the deer?

With your own hands, you can transform a deer hide into soft, supple buckskin.   You'll turn the animal's skin into a beautiful, usable material that money can't buy.

When you download this ebook, you'll have what you need to be successful tanning a hide, start to finish. 

Testimonials from Wild Abundance hide tanning students:

Ashley Wiggins

Commercial Farm Irrigation Equipment Operator and Land Nutrient Manager

I had zero experience doing anything with animal hides before this...Wild Abundance gave me the knowledge, and the experience to venture out on my own in hide tanning...

Owen Doll


Beforehand, I had a basic knowledge of the process of brain tanning, but I had no idea where to even begin...Natalie’s expertise is incredible, as her insights surely saved me many hours of work and much frustration. It was an absolute pleasure

Franchesca Lopez


I lie more on the vegetarian side of eating...I learned that a lot of hides get thrown away. While someone else enjoys the meat and antlers I learned I could make something beautiful with their hide...You’ll totally be able to do it.

About the author

Natalie Bogwalker

Natalie is a hide tanner, craftswoman, builder, teacher, mom, and gardener.  She founded Wild Abundance 10 years ago because of her passion for sharing real, practical skills that get people closer to the Earth.  Hide tanning was one of the first earthskills that she learned, and it changed her life profoundly.  That was over 15 years ago!  Since then she's tanned uncountable hides, but more importantly, she's taught hide tanning to hundreds of students. 

Natalie knows what usually trips people up who are new to hide tanning.  In this ebook she shares a solid, step-by-step guide for the new tanner, including numerous tips and tricks that will help you succeed.